Why Let Your Business Suffer?

Time for a Change.

Missing clients

Failing to turn website visitors into potential customers.

Customer frustration

Delayed responses causing frustrated and dissatisfied clients.

Wasting money

Incurring extra costs through multiple, inefficient communication platforms.

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1 Online Office. 6 Powerful Tools.

Win Contracts and Save Big.

Cancel those subscriptions and save on costs. With Cubo Online Office, you can present yourself online as if you were there in person, efficiently manage all your communications in one-stop, and stay connected in real time.
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Entrepreneurs, Freelancers, Agencies, Consultants, and Coaches…
"I've seen a 30% boost in client engagement and a 10% increase in billable hours since I started using it."


SEO Agency

" Thanks to Cubo, I've been able to take on 30% more projects while still maintaining a healthy work-life balance "



"Cubo has made it easy for me to build and maintain a professional online presence as a coach. Over 50% signups in 2 months!"


Online Coach

"Having a flexible and reliable online office that can adapt to my lifestyle is crucial, and that's exactly what I've found with Cubo. "


Digital nomad

"Cubo's out-of-the-box mindset truly enhances the customer satisfaction. It has helped me streamline my services and make a more powerful impact on my clients"



"Since using Cubo, I've seen a significant increase in client engagement and revenue. Love it."



The New Way of Communication to Boom Your Clients and Contracts in 3 Easy Steps!

Step 1 - Set up your office in 2 minutes

Customize your profile

Manager your scheduling time

Edit your Link-in-bio

Step 2 - Share your office link everywhere

Integrate into your websites

Insert in email signatures

Add to social media bios

Step 3 - Stay online in your office and respond immediately

Casual instant video call

Chat messaging

Schedule appointments

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A One-Stop Solution to Empower your Communication with Audiences in a More Human Way

Build your online presence and feel together with our virtual office

Easy to connect with your clients from anywhere. You'll feel like you're all in the same place, even if you're not.

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Get your prospects convinced by your reputation before they reach out.

  • Your link-in-bio and intro video can showcase your business and yourself.
  • And the long string of visitors will demonstrate how popular you are.
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One-click for guests to start video chats when they come by

Guests would like to tap your avatar to initiate video talks while seeing you there in an in-person way.

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Or stay engaged through chat and scheduling options

Guests can also send you messages, or schedule a meeting when you are busy or off-line.

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And use Cubo to simplify your tool stack and save money

  • Link-in-Bio tool to replace Linktree
  • Scheduler link to replace Calendly
  • Meeting link to replace Zoom
  • CuboGPT to replace ChatGPT
  • Website Integration to replace intercom

All links lead the traffic directly to your online office for long-term engagement.

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Essential Tips and Strategies for Business Success

Never miss or lose a prospect again
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