Frequently asked questions


1. What is cubo?

Cubo is a client engagement platform that helps freelancers and employees communicate and interact fluidly without needing to email or use various links to perform routine tasks. Interactions happen instantly through one URL to your personal online office.

2. How do I get Cubo?

You can install it through the browser or the app. You can download the app directly from the website. Currently, Cubo is available for desktop macOS and Wndows.

3. How to set up your online office?

Create your online office directly on the web or install Cubo by downloading the app. You can easily set up your online office on Cubo by creating your account: Name, email, and password.

4. How to customize your profile?

Go to the settings on the right to set up your profile: Name, profile picture. Go to the settings on the left to customize your office name, add your logo and create your URL link.

5. Can I include a Welcome Message?

Yes. Go to the office settings on the left and write in your welcome message, up to 200 characters.

6. What if I want to delete my office?

This is possible. Go to the office settings on the left, and click on the "Delete the Office".


7. How to invite people to your online office?

Create your URL link and share it directly with individuals or add it to their social media channels.

8. How many users can join the online office?

There’s no limitation.

9. How to connect your social media?

Simply click the social media icon you would like to add the link. Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Reddit, Website, Podcast, and more.

10. How to communicate with the users?

An all-in-one communication tool, we provide multiple ways to engage and have conversations whether it be scheduling or creating meetings in seconds, having instant video calls that bring a more personal touch into the mix, or the classic way of instant messaging. Done in the most fun and interactive way, we make sure to bring more human-orientated communication tools.

11. How to create a meeting?

Click on the Start button in the Meeting Hub. Create a meeting in second and directly add participants.

12. How to schedule a meeting?

Click on the Schedule button in the Meeting Hub. Add the topic, scheduled time, and participants. The meeting will be automatically updated on your agenda and the invitees will receive an email notification.


13. What is Tapchat?

A unique feature where you can instantly videocall the owner of the online office just by tapping on them. Quick, easy, and smooth.

14. How can I know who visits my online office?

Users online will have their avatars in the waiting area and an online status. You can see analytics on your recent visitors, with their emails, the date, and the time they joined.

15. Can I share my files?

Yes. In the waiting area, you can upload your files from other apps like Google Docs, Sheets, Notion, Figma, and much more.

16. Can I share my videos?

Yes, we have a specific place for Video. Upload your videos (Youtube link) such as a welcome video, or videos of your work!

17. Is my audio and video data stored or recorded?

No, Cubo does not record, store, or analyze your personal data including the contents of audio, video, screen sharing, or files in any way. We do track call quality metrics (such as how long it takes for the audio to get from A to B, and if anything is lost along the way) to improve the quality of our services, but no collection of personal data.

18. Which browsers are supported?

Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari and Microsoft Edge.


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