calenderA letter from our Co-founders

Cubo was born out of resilience to adapt to a digital world preempted by the emergence of the Covid-19 pandemic.

When our lives and businesses were compelled to go online, the novelty of the situation entailed mistrust and skepticism globally. There was a feeling that a scattered team would not be structured and productive if not working within the same walls. On the same basis, individual entrepreneurs believed that transactions or projects would not be successful without in-person negotiations.

To get around these issues, we developed an online platform to allow business organisations and sole professionals to connect in real-time with teams and clients worldwide. We were fully aware of the challenges but driven by an absolute confidence in our capacities, we went for it headlong.

Hence the creation of Cubo Online Office. Our mission was to bring our contribution to the future of work. Our prime main target was to build an online office matching the same parameters of a traditional office, but with far more possibilities. Constant online connectivity will bring constant togetherness within business teams. But we also wanted to break new ground and go beyond the scope of organizational teams, to incorporate private individuals as well in our project. Our robust digital tools will allow them to establish their presence online with a personal studio and construct their brand identity.

Now that we nearly unanimously convene that life will not return to the way it was before the pandemic, we are more than ready to recognize that parallel online offices form an integral part of the global work landscape. Our goal, at Cubo, is to partner with and accompany adherents of this digital work revolution.


Co-Founders & CEO of Cubo <3


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A homebody and a digital nomad. Always wandering between social anxiety and social manic. Proud to be one of Cubo's founding father.

Remote is eating the real world, Let's enjoy the feast.

Enjoy freedom, Empty myself, then I can remember more.

An enthusiast of basketball and cool products, a devoted husband and father. By the way, Kobe Bryant is the GOAT.

I like cooking and I am good at it, I have been full of fantasies about the stars since I was a child. I always wonder why aliens don't come to earth, so I like everything about the universe, Marvel, Star Wars, and Elon Musk.

A digital nomad who likes mountains and seas. A free soul woman that just wants to enjoy life.

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