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10 Fun virtual spirit week ideas to keep things exciting at work

Obbaatt AngadiaOct 12, 2022

Spirit week is a seven-day event that's used to boost company pride and engage employees through fun activities. Virtual spirit week ideas are a way to engage distant teams. Just to name a few examples, theme days, virtual talent shows, and costume contests.

Online, these are the online equivalent of spirit week, and are a subset of engagement activities and team celebrations, often taking place on event platforms, these events help boost company pride.

Theme days

Declaring a theme day is one of the easiest spirit week ideas for a work-from-home position. Pick activities for each day related to a specific topic. As an example, on a sports day, staff can wear jerseys, play competitive games, and take part in an online pep rally.

A woman on her laptopOn a beach day, participants can post backgrounds of a tropical location and enjoy mock-tails. It's easy to be more excited and attentive to spirit week if it has a visually appealing announcement.

Social media challenges

To add to your employees' weeklong dedication to telecommuting, add daily social media challenges to the company's social channels. Use a different hashtag for each prompt, and tell employees to take pictures for each one.
Shot of mobile screen with app iconsBy integrating social media into your spirit week calendar, you'll find it easier for your colleagues to find and friend each other, and the posts are a great way to advertise your company's culture to a wider audience.

Online costume contest

Spirit days include dress-up days, which allow teams to dress up even if their outfits won't be on display all day. On virtual dress-up days, employees can don elaborate costumes without having to worry about travel, comfort, or attracting strange stares at Starbucks.

An ideal spirit week dress-up idea for work is to host online costume contests. Create a theme for each day or meeting, then select the best dressed for each.

Superhero Academy

Superhero Academy is the perfect day for the team building of heroes and villains. Hosted by a dynamic host with the help of a trustworthy virtual sidekick, the 90-minute event takes place in a virtual atmosphere. Teams compete to be the fastest to solve comic-book-themed puzzles and to win virtual competitions, trying to save the world from evil. Superhero Academy has fun, intellectual, and competitive aspects.

Online office games

This is a friendly competition for remote teams. This game asks teams to engage in trivia challenges, lightning scavenger hunts, and a listening/drawing game called Can You Hear Me Now?

A battle board castle challenge gameAn entertaining host will keep score, as well as to keep everyone's spirits high. The online games last ninety minutes and enable remote colleagues to bond and have fun together. Additionally, it is highly customizable, so the activities can be related to the weekly theme, if requested.

Virtual talent show

Remote teammates can enjoy a talent show while gaining insight into their coworkers' special skills and abilities. Your teammates should sign up for slots in a virtual talent show. Each act should last five minutes. Individuals may choose to perform alone, or collaborate with colleagues on a group act.
A  woman holding a beer can drinking beverage alcohol in a virtual partyInstead of taking the stage, performers share their acts with a video call. The best virtual talent shows are guided by a predetermined order of acts and an emcee to keep the flow going. Take plenty of screenshots throughout the afternoon or evening.

Remote holiday party

Planning a virtual holiday party for work? Then one of the best ways to do so is to first choose a date and invite coworkers by video meeting. In this case, it might be a good idea to hold festive activities like a Zoom ugly sweater contest, hosting a virtual Secret Santa or white elephant gift exchange, and singing Christmas carols.
People having a toast on a virtual partyOnline holiday parties are best when they facilitate interaction. Breakout rooms give guests the chance to get to know one another on a more personal level, and avoid any guests feeling as if they're simply an observer. I recommend hosting games like Bingo, trivia, and scavenger hunts as a means of keeping guests energized and to imbue the spirit of the holidays.

Virtual tea party

These quirky yet simple events take place online and help teams across the country or world keep in touch. They make great theme week ideas for companies in the spring.

To start, send your employees some tea and snacks from a fine patisserie, or request that attendees provide their own snacks, and reimburse them for the expense. Petit fours, miniature cupcakes, and macarons are among the best sweets for a tea party, and finger sandwiches are another requisite.

As for the main event, set up a video call and then sipping tea, chatting, and playing games. To set the mood, have participants create Victorian parlors or lush gardens as their background.

Woman Standing In Front Of A LaptopNot only the host, but guests can dress up as well.

Spirit week care packages

Care packages from you make a big difference for remote employees and build buzz for an event. Packages also provide a tangible component for a spirit week or challenge that occurs only online.

A week before work-from-home spirit week, send mail to teammates full of goodies

One great idea for making up spirit care packages is to pack supplemental materials for the week's events. For example, if you have a murder mystery party planned, include cards for the participants to wear at the party. One option would be to add puzzles and sweets. For example, one could put together cooking, needlepoint, or decoupage craft kits. Doing physical exercise, not just in the real world, can make VR exercises more engaging and interactive.

Online murder mysteries

The fun of spirit week is pretending, and some murder mysteries cast participants in the role of cunning detectives. Playing a murder mystery online requires finding a game or script, inviting teammates to a Zoom meeting, and then presenting the scenario. If you prefer, you can play a facilitated murder mystery, in which a host gives clues to players, or follow a script for a self-guided murder mystery.