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20 fun facts about video conferencing

Obbaatt AngadiaJan 26, 2023

A fantastic way to stay in touch with distant friends and family is through video conferencing. It's also a fantastic setting for presentations or business meetings.

In this article, we're going to reveal 20 interesting video conferencing-related facts that you might not be aware of. Continue reading to find out more about this fascinating technology, from its beginnings to its future.

What is video conferencing?

The capacity for two or more people to have a conversation utilizing a video link is known as video conferencing. It has also been referred to as web conferencing, remote collaboration, virtual meetings, and telepresence.

An illustration of a video conferenceA fantastic approach to communicate with clients or partners who are spread out across the globe is through video conferencing. It can also be applied to instruction or training.

How video conferencing works

When you think about video conferencing, you may think of a face-to-face meeting between two people. But video conferencing is so much more than just a face-to-face meeting. In fact, video conferencing is a fantastic way to stay connected with friends and family, as well as co-workers.

Here are some fun facts about video conferencing that you may not have known.

  • Video conferencing is trendy, making it a very popular means of communication in the past few years:

  • In 1962,the first video conference was carried out

  • Nikita Khrushchev and John F Kennedy carried out the first video conference.

  • The first live video conference was held between President Bill Clinton and Russian President Boris Yeltsin.

  • The most recent video conference was held between Prime Minister Theresa May of the United Kingdom and President Joko Widodo of Indonesia.

  • Video conferencing is not just for business meetings. You can also use video conferencing for educational purposes, such as lectures and class sessions.

  • You can use video conferencing to keep in touch with family and friends.

  • You don't need a big budget to make a video conference. You can use a webcam and a computer to make a video conference.

  • You don't need to be in the same room as your co-workers or friends. You can video conference with them from anywhere in the world.

  • You can use video conferencing to conduct interviews.

  • You can use video conferencing to conduct training sessions.

The benefits of video conferencing

Some of the benefits of video conferencing include:

  • Improves productivity since it is possible to work from anywhere and in any environment that makes you feel comfortable.

  • Client satisfaction is hugely improved since most clients prefer constant communication on a timely manner, things that can be achieved by video conferencing.

  • Elevated brand recognition Building closer relationships with consumers is possible when you can communicate with them via video conference.

  • Increased brand awareness and loyalty may result from this.

  • Increased conversion rates of customers. You're more likely to be able to turn leads into clients when you can engage with them via video conference. This is due to the fact that you can quickly establish credibility and trust with them.

  • Increased involvement of the customer. You're more likely to be able to keep clients interested when you can speak with them via video conference. They are more inclined to want to continue the call and respond to your queries.

How video conferencing can be used in business

A man on a conference call on CuboA fantastic tool for business is video conferencing. It can be applied in a number of ways to assist organizations in connecting with clients, partners, and staff. Here’s how:

  • Video conferencing is a fantastic tool for connecting with clients.

  • It can facilitate distant communication between organizations and their partners and clients.

  • It can be used by companies to communicate with their staff.

  • Businesses can utilize it to connect with clients who are spread out geographically.

  • May be used to link companies with clients who are unable to attend meetings in person.

  • Can be used to link companies with customers who, because to scheduling constraints, are unable to attend in-person meetings.

  •  Can be utilized by companies to get in touch with clients who are unable to attend meetings in person owing to travel constraints.

  • Due to schedule difficulties, it can be utilized to link businesses with clients who are unable to attend in-person meetings.

The top five uses for video conferencing

Companies can use video conferencing to stay in touch with their staff, clients, and partners. Here are the top five applications for video conferences.

  1. Staff meetings can be conducted remotely using video conferencing. This can shorten travel times and improve the effectiveness of meetings.

  2. Keep in touch with your consumers: Instead of making many phone calls to update them on the status of their orders, you can video call your customers.

  3. Employee education. Your employees can be trained on new procedures or goods through video conferencing.

  4. Let your partner know. Using video conferencing, you may update your collaborators on the status of the project.

  5. Conference calls with vendors. You may utilize.

The top 3 challenges with video conferencing

Although video conferencing has numerous advantages, getting started can be challenging. Discover the top 3 issues that organizations have with video conferencing in this article.

 Limited bandwidth. Video conferencing can quickly suck up bandwidth, and if there isn't enough of it, it might even be impossible to utilize.

A video conference call on zoomThe picture quality is bad. When trying to connect with a distant party, video conferencing can be challenging if the visual quality is poor.

Coordination issues. Coordination of all video calls can be challenging if you wish to hold a video conference with several individuals at once. Lack of privacy: You might not want to be recorded if you're trying to video conference with someone in a private area.


Did you know, for instance, that the telecommuting category with the highest growth is video conferencing? Additionally, video conferencing is no longer only used for business meetings; it is now also used for social activities like viewing TV episodes or movies with friends or even for courting.

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This not only keeps you connected with colleagues and customers but also allows you to resolve issues quickly and eliminates the need for expensive remote work packages. Hope this article has helped you know the importance of video conferencing.