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Apps and tools to help you save time and boost efficiency

Obbaatt AngadiaFeb 21, 2023

The most important thing that everyone is chasing in their daily lives is time.  As new things are being discovered, a lot of changes occur in our daily lives and time is not on our side to keep up with the changes.

That's where apps and tools come in handy. These digital tools can help us save time and boost our efficiency.

This article highlights 5 important apps and tools that you can use to save time and boost efficiency. From to-do list apps to time-tracking tools, we'll cover everything you need to boost your productivity. 

Remote teams collaborating on CuboRead and understand how these apps and tools work, you can download and use them to save time.

Time-tracking software

Time tracking software provides a platform used to record all the activities and time taken to tackle them. This improves efficiency and saves time. The tool will help you know how you spend your time on various activities and make changes when necessary. 

Some popular time-tracking software options include RescueTime and Time Doctor. RescueTime is a free option that helps you track time and analyze your productivity. Time Doctor is a paid option that offers additional features such as goal setting, time tracking for bills, and time tracking for expenses.

A timer on a work deskThere are also numerous apps that offer time-tracking features, such as RescueTime, RescueTime for Teams, Timetable, and Time Tracker. These apps can help you track time and keep track of your projects and tasks.

Schedule and organize your day

In most cases, we always find ourselves wasting time without noticing. You might end up doing things that do not matter throughout the day when you are not organized. Unfortunately for us, the time wasted will never be recovered.

Thanks to the new technologies that provide apps and tools that can be used to schedule and organize your day.

An illustration of a video conferenceThey include:

  • RescueTime

This tool helps you trace your work and the time taken to complete it. This helps you save time compared to when it's done manually.

  • Asana

This tool has amazing features that will not help you organize your day but also make you stay on top of your tasks and projects. You can also use Asana to collaboratively work on projects with others.

  • Trello

Trello is a perfect tool when it comes to projects and task management.  It can also be used when working on group projects to collaborate with others.

  • Sunrise

Sunrise is a great tool for managing your day and your time. Sunrise can be used daily to set realistic goals, track progress, and work towards the goals.

This is a SaaS personal online office that allows people to instantly connect with their clients or teams - helping to build an online presence with their own personal workspace!

Cubo online officeIt also has built-in meeting scheduling tools so that clients can easily book meetings with you.

All they have to do is click on the schedule meeting button and choose a time that works for both parties. Once the meeting has been scheduled, both parties can check the Scheduler for updates and receive notifications (both in the app and a notification sent to your inbox).

Tracking expenses and budgeting

Efficiency is a core factor to consider every day you are working because once that time is spent, it will never be recovered. By tracking expenses and budgeting, you can save time and boost your productivity.

The following apps and tools can assist with this:

  • Evernote

The app is used to store and organize thoughts. You can use it to track expenses and even create budgets.

  • Quicken

Quicken is a budgeting and financial management app that's been around for many years.

Automating tasks and processes

With the new technology, a number of apps and tools are available to help in automating tasks and processes in your business.

These tools provide you with two important advantages, save time and be more efficient.

AutomationThe following popular apps and tools can be used in automating tasks and processes.

  • Salesforce

Salesforce is the largest Customer  Relationship Management (CRM) software used by almost all businesses around the world. It offers a lot of features for automating tasks and processes in your business.

Google Sheets is a free online spreadsheet application that can be used by businesses of all sizes.   It offers a lot of features for automating tasks and processes in your business.

  • HubSpot

HubSpot is a CRM (customer relationship management) software that's used by many businesses of all sizes. It offers a lot of features for automating tasks and processes in your business.

  • Zapier

Zapier is a cloud-based platform that lets you easily connect different apps and tools together. This can help you automate tasks and processes in your business.

Storing and reviewing information

 Apps and tools that can be used to boost efficiency and save time are many in today's market.

A number of them require subscriptions fee while others are free. They include:

  • Database

Database information is a must in every business whether you are the owner or an individual.  The database contains various information including contact info, images, product descriptions, and price list.

  • CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software

The software is important and helps store and truck customers' information such as their purchase history, contact info, and more.

  • Automation tools

The tool is used to automate tasks hence giving more time to concentrate on other things. The tool can be used for a variety of things such as scheduling newsletters and creating invoices among others.

We hope you enjoyed our blog post about 5 apps and tools that can help you save time and boost efficiency. Life can be hectic sometimes and you can find yourself struggling to complete your tasks. The above-discussed tools and apps will help you be more efficient, saves time, and help you achieve your goals. 

From time tracking to to-do list managers, we have found something for everyone on our list! We trust that what we have discussed can help you in your daily routine.