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5 Tips for overcoming barriers to career choices for women

Obbaatt AngadiaMar 02, 2023

The field of career choices has not been easy for women over the years. Women have limited options in career choices especially those with low education levels. This might be true but they also have many choices available to them.

Although women have been advised over the years to follow their passion, it is time for them to look into other available options to match their counterparts.

Women in Tech CareersIf you are struggling or stuck in your career choices, don't worry anymore, this article highlights tips you can use to overcome these barriers, especially for women.

Defining what you want

The challenges that women encounter in their professional lives are not novel and continue to persist. Numerous obstacles hinder women from realizing their full potential and accomplishing their objectives.

This ranges from not being valued equally to not being given the same opportunities as their male counterparts, the list goes on. The good news is, this can be handled with time since a career is not a destination but a journey.

Therefore, it is important for women who are not happy with their careers to take time a figure out what they really want. This is the first step to choosing your dream career and can be achieved by listing down your career goals.

A hostile work environmentStrive towards your aspirations and devise strategies to attain them. Recognizing this reality can assist you in identifying hindrances and potential solutions to aid in the realization of your aspirations.

Overcoming self-doubt

Having self-doubt is normal when looking for careers especially the ones associated with men. Women often find themselves feeling trapped in such situations due to uncertainty about where to begin and concerns about societal perceptions.

Nonetheless, it is crucial not to allow these fears to hinder your advancement. There is a multitude of career paths open to women, so you should feel empowered to take the initial step in pursuing your ambitions.

Breaking the glass ceiling  and taking action

Women face many barriers in the field of career choices. Whether it's societal norms or limited opportunities, these barriers can be difficult to break through.  The world is changing fast and the changes come with both advantages and disadvantages.

In contrast to the past, we now have the convenience of readily available information and the ability to make informed decisions about our lives.

The changes are good but when they come with lightning speed it can be challenging. The good news is, with effort, we can change the way we tackle these obstacles to our career choices.

The following tips can help you break through these barriers:

  • Learn more about your options

It is important to do research when looking for a career to have a better understanding of the required skills, and available positions and also narrow your options to avoid wasting time and resources. This means putting together a career plan and taking the time to research different options.

Make connections with people in your field and try to seek help and advice about your career choice.

  • Join classes

Enrolling in classes can expand your knowledge about the industry that piques your interest. It doesn't have to be physical classes, you can attend online classes or join professional associations.

  • Be persistent

Don't give up easily and put more effort into your work and eventually you will reach your goals.

  • Ask for promotion

If you feel like you qualify and meet the qualification for the promotion, then go for it, don't be afraid.

  • Stay positive

Even when things are tough, remember to stay positive.

Getting Organized

Many women face challenges in choosing their careers and in most cases they doubt their decisions. Many women doubt if they are good enough or confident enough for the job.

Dealing with these barriers requires you to be organized. This means being able to prioritize your options,  building networks, and identifying your skills and how they can be applied to different careers.

A young woman working on her PCSome things you can do to get organized include setting up a career dashboard, creating a job board, and creating a job dossier. Having a plan and getting organized will make you confident in your journey to choosing your career.

Developing Strategy

It is important to acknowledge that we are not the same when making career choices.  What work for someone might not work for another person.

Developing a strategy will help you find your career path. Some strategic tips to keep in mind include:

  • Define your goals

  • Stay flexible

  • Stay open to new opportunities

  • Stay positive

  • Choose a career that matches your values

  • Be open to changing your mind

  • Ask for help when you need it 

  • Be a risk taker

  • Celebrate your success and learn to form your failures


The number of women population and men population is almost the same but in career opportunities, it is not.  Most women still feel like many have more opportunities in career paths than them despite what they offer at their workplaces. The above-discussed tips can help women deal with their obstacles and have successful carers.