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How to conduct an effective online meeting

Obbaatt AngadiaMar 07, 2023

As online businesses continue to grow and flourish, the necessity for successful online meetings becomes increasingly vital.  Consequently, in the current era, it is essential for organizations to collaborate and communicate in a proficient manner.

That’s where online meeting software comes in. This software allows businesses to easily hold online meetings with their employees, customers, and partners.

We'll talk about the many kinds of online meeting software that are out there and how they might aid in running productive meetings in this blog post.

Also, we will go over meeting planning advice and ways to guarantee that everyone attending the meeting has a pleasant experience.

Read on to find out more about how online meeting software can help your business flourish, whether you're organizing your first meeting or trying to improve your current meeting procedure.

Choose the right platform

It is critical to select the best platform for your online meeting. You must examine not only the platform's functionality but also the convenience of use for your participants. While there may be alternative choices available, I recommend selecting a chat platform such as Skype, Cubo, or Google Hangouts.

They both have a ton of capabilities, including video and audio recordings, group meetings, and file sharing, and are quite user-friendly.

Online meetingTools such as Zoom or WebEx can also be utilized for video conferencing, although they may come at a slightly higher cost.

Set up the meeting

A few things must be done in order to have an efficient online meeting:

  • Ensure that everyone is on the same page to start. This means that everyone is aware of the agenda, what will be addressed, and the anticipated outcome.

  • Schedule a time and day for the meeting. This will assist you to avoid any last-minute adjustments or cancellations.

  • Make sure the video and sound are of good quality. This is important for both the meeting and any talks that might happen after.

  • Have everything you need for the job. This contains an internet-capable laptop, a webcam, and a microphone.

Choose the right time and date

It's crucial to pick the ideal time and day for your online meeting. Your meeting shouldn't be scheduled for the weekend or a time when business is brisk. Moreover, make sure that everyone will find the date convenient.

Smiling young female entrepreneur checking time on wristwatch while working on laptopYou can use Google to look for a time that is convenient for everyone. A meeting scheduling service like Zoom and Cubo is another option. You can use this service to set up the meeting and then remind everyone who will be attending.

Live meetings are an additional choice. This implies that anyone can attend the meeting at any moment. While it may pose some challenges, effectively managing this can result in significant advantages by ensuring everyone is aligned.

Invite participants

It's crucial to invite attendees to an online meeting in order to make sure that everyone has a pleasant experience.

Ensuring everyone is familiar with the subject matter not only maximizes the meeting's productivity but also promotes comprehensive understanding.

A meeting on CuboMake sure to send all participants an email invitation at least a few days before the meeting.

Try to have the meeting live if you can so that everyone can take part. But, if the conference is being held through video conferencing, be careful to record the meeting on screen for those who are unable to attend.

Recording and sharing the meeting

Consider the following measures to optimize the productivity of your meeting:

  1. Make sure everyone is aware of the meeting's time and date before anything else. This will assist in keeping everyone on the course.

  2. The meeting should also be recorded so that everyone can watch it and take notes.

  3. Be sure to provide everyone advance access to the meeting materials (presentations, agendas, etc.) so they are aware of what to expect.

  4. Maintain the flow of the meeting by ensuring that everyone is aware of how to respond to inquiries.

Follow-up and reflections

An effective online meeting is one in which follow-up and reflections are encouraged. This is especially vital if you want to ensure that the meeting was fruitful.

Making sure that all participants have the option to email or call each other after the meeting is one approach to ensure that follow-up and reflection are productive.

An illustration of a webcam online learning classBy confirming everyone's alignment and addressing any concerns that have been raised, you can effectively resolve issues. A debriefing session following the meeting is another technique to ensure that follow-up and reflection are effective.

You can go through what was discussed, what was accomplished, and any issues that were presented in this manner. This will aid in ensuring that the meeting was a success and that the meeting's objectives were reached.

Tips for conducting an effective meeting

  • Set clear goals and objectives. This will help everyone understand what they are working on.

  • Make a plan and stick to it. This will help to guarantee that all participants have an equal opportunity to offer their thoughts and that the meeting proceeds in a timely manner.

  • Offer a designated area for individuals to jot down notes, exchange ideas, and pose inquiries.

  • Have a system in place for voting and decision-making.

  • Ensure that your meeting is accessible and that everyone who needs to participate can do so.

  • Make a transcript of the meeting available so that everyone can profit from its content.

  • Follow up. Make sure to follow up after the meeting to ensure that everyone understands the results and the next steps to ensure success.

Additional resources

  1. You may hold a conference call with as many participants as you like using a service like Cubo.

  2. By utilizing a web conferencing service such as GoToMeeting, it is possible to host an online conference with any number of participants required.

  3. An online meeting software like WebEx will allow you to have online meetings with as many people as you want.

  4. With services like Skype for video conferencing, you can host multiple video chats concurrently, regardless of the physical location of the participants.


We hope you found our blog post on how to hold a productive online meeting useful. This is a terrific method to gather your team and share ideas in a convenient and comfortable setting.

Follow the advice in this piece, and you'll be able to maximize your time, have a productive meeting, and foster team relationships. We are excitedly anticipating witnessing what you accomplish with this novel form of interaction.