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How to expand and maximize the potential of your digital agency

Obbaatt AngadiaFeb 15, 2023

Digital marketing firms are under fire…

Every company's main goal should be expansion. In today's market, this requires having an online presence and interacting with clients in a way that rings true. This prevents potential customers from perceiving a hard sale and ensures that conversion occurs almost instinctively.

When looking to increase their digital marketing outcomes, companies naturally turn to digital agencies for assistance. Expertise in audience targeting across industries, knowledge of how each platform's algorithm functions and the ability to craft seamless user journeys are all essential for digital firms.

In a time when more and more companies realize the need of having a strong online presence, how can digital agencies focus on expanding their own operations at the same time?
A Woman Sitting at the TableHere is our roadmap!

Focus on a specific niche

Your digital marketing agency doesn't have to take on every project or be an expert in every type of marketing. Choose a niche so you can focus on improving your skills in one area. When you position yourself in the market and get clients in a more targeted way, you can really specialize and get better results.

Your team will be able to find bigger opportunities for you if they don't have too many brands, industries, disciplines, or projects (e.g. creating groundbreaking strategies and speaking at industry-specific conferences).

Examine current workflow methods

Efficiency in workflow operations is crucial for growth. An excellent starting point for assessing the efficacy and efficiency of your workflow procedures is to investigate the most recent collaboration technologies and to poll your staff to find out where they think improvements are needed.

Perhaps the current tooling has to be modernized, a new position should be established, or briefing procedures should be simplified.

Never be frightened to delegate.

During the early days of your digital agency, you most certainly juggled an excessive number of duties. Everything from creative, content, finance, HR, and client relations would have stared at you from your dinner plate.

As you take on more clients and earn more revenue, your time becomes a valuable asset. This compels you to consider your capabilities, the reason you began a digital firm in the first place, and where your talents and time are most suited.

Don't be hesitant to transfer work outside of your primary emphasis to personnel who are experts in those areas. Use people's strengths!

Grant workers autonomy

How can you motivate your staff to perform their absolute best? It's essential for them to make sound judgments, create reliable alliances, and provide clients with unparalleled outcomes.
Employees Looking at DocumentsCompetition for top personnel is a constant issue for growing digital companies. Employees are constantly weighing their alternatives in light of the massive exodus that is fast reshaping the business landscape, making decisions based on factors like financial benefits, the quality of life at work, and the potential for advancement.

As a result, digital agencies need to evaluate the quality of their company culture and the employee experience to see if they need to make any changes to remain competitive. They might, for instance, institute regular training days, flexible scheduling, mental health programs, and/or extra-curricular bonuses for employees (e.g. paid Friday lunch).

The most successful firms are those in which workers are encouraged to reach their full potential so that they can devote more of their time and energy to the tasks that have the greatest impact and reward.

Putting client relationships first is important.

Digital agencies exist to help businesses get better results by using digital strategies that help them improve their position in the market. There are a lot of digital agencies out there, so why do clients keep coming back to yours?

People shaking handsWhether or not a client keeps doing business with you depends a lot on how much they trust you and how well you get along with them.

The wheels keep turning when you show that you want to understand their needs and are willing to help them get the results they want. After all, a happy customer is the best way to get new business.

Trust also grows when you make a place where people can share their real performance and what they've learned along the way.

Improve your online presence.

 Use the same strategies with your own brand that you use with your clients. Some of the best things to do to improve your digital presence are:

  • Blog: If your agency ranks well for high-volume search terms, it will be more visible on search engines (e.g. digital marketing agency in Nairobi).

  • Make case studies of clients who have done well.

  • Make a way for people to sign up on your website (e.g. newsletter sign-up, ebook download, content sign-up, etc)

  • By writing a guest blog, you can get good links to your site and set yourself up as an expert in your field.

  • Start a hashtag campaign to attract more users.

  • Stay active on your social media channels by posting client testimonials, videos, BTS content, thought leadership, blogs, and case studies.

  • Check your website's user experience by looking at how long it takes to load, how easy it is to get around, etc.

  • Case studies can be used as lead magnets on your website, as part of an email campaign, or as a sales tool to help your team close more deals.

  • Make sure you keep testing and learning. Using data to understand each marketing lever so you know what's working will help you improve each conversion metric.

By connecting all of their client's accounts to the Cubo platform, digital agencies can save a lot of time on report writing. Once connected, agencies can see digital performance insights for all their client campaigns and content across social, search, and the web in one place, whenever they need to.

Book a session today if you want to learn more about how Cubo helps agencies so you can make better use of your time and money. We want it to be simple for you to grow and get bigger.