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14 Best online business ideas for solopreneurs

Obbaatt AngadiaDec 12, 2022

In the past, carrying out business involved investing a huge sum of cash and having a partner or some workers that you had to pay.

Solopreneur has come to the relief of many people because with this you can carry out business alone although, a huge chunk of a solopreneur is mainly done online.

The following are some of the big solopreneur ideas that you can be involved in:


Writing, photography, and other forms of self-published web media are referred to as blogging. Blogging is the best way to go if you are a person who loves writing since individuals who loved writing diaries started it out. A blogger is someone who can think well and is creative.

An image with the name blogHe/she publishes content on his/her blog to a website to attract new followers and keep those already gained. One may consider making sure his/her content is informative, entertaining, and so on.

The blogger may decide to cover topics from any angle like sports, news, fashion, and most importantly trending topics. Select a blog hosting service. Utilize a platform with scalable template options. To get started you need to:

  • Select a hosting system.

  • Discover the ideal niche.

  • Choose a domain and blog name.

  • Create and set up your blog.

  • Ideas of blog topics. 

  • Publish your first blog entry

Event Management

An event planner may work with clients to organize weddings, graduation celebrations, or business events, gradually expanding their local clientele and vendor network.

If you are a hard-working person event planning is definitely worth the risk. For event planning your previous work matters because many people love to be sure, of what they are getting themselves in as far as their event is concerned.


Copywriting is one of the most useful and in-demand abilities you can have. Consider it a synthesis of writing, marketing, sales, and psychology. For a skilled copywriter's job, people are willing to pay extremely well.

Image with the word copywritingEvery entrepreneur must acquire this skill, or find someone to do it for him or her. You can start by doing freelance work on websites like up work to amass a clientele; this is exactly what I did. Do a good job once again, earn recommendations, and the demand will change in your favor.


Although podcasting is a relatively new sort of solopreneur, it is quickly gaining popularity! Podcasters rarely start financially successful. The number that rookie podcasters should keep an eye on downloads per episode because podcasting the higher the number of people who listen to your podcast the more profitable it is. It may take some time to gain such listeners but it is worth it once you have several loyal fans.

Online fitness training

Custom fitness solutions no longer require in-person delivery, and with such a wide range of prospective customers, you do not have to be concerned about rivalry. Different people respond better to different fitness regimens, so the way you approach fitness might well be the best option for your clients. 

Content Creators

These solopreneurs, who produce material primarily for YouTube, Instagram Tiktok, and other social media platforms, often make money through brand sponsorship partnerships and affiliate marketing.

They can advertise the product in their videos and make it interesting at the same time. For a content creator, you mainly need a good camera.


An expert in a specific subject, such as business, marketing, or any other, is known as a consultant. By supplying firms with their knowledge and skills, consultants can earn money. This could be providing direct assistance with a project, directing seminars and training sessions on their behalf, or giving leadership strategic advice.

Virtual Assistants

Many companies and business owners require assistance with answering incoming calls and organizing their schedules, but they cannot afford to hire someone on a full-time basis.

A photo of a female virtual assistant workingA solo business offering virtual assistant services can be the best fit for you if you have organizational and project management skills.

A virtual assistant performs all of the duties of an in-person assistant while working remotely from their home. This could involve managing files, performing administrative duties, planning meetings, and answering phone calls.

Cleaning Services for Homes

The demand for house cleaning services is widespread across the nation. Simply promote your services locally and create an independent-manageable schedule.

A hand cleaning surface near sinkFor house cleaners, you do not need a lot of skills or you have to do is be hardworking and provide services on time. 

Affiliate marketers

In affiliate marketing, links are posted to goods or services provided by other businesses. In that case, you would receive a percentage of every sale you send to those websites. For bloggers, content creators, and anyone wishing to supplement their current businesses, this is a terrific business alternative.

Craft designers

Whether you are skilled in making jewelry, woodworking, knitting, artwork, or anything else, there may be a market for your goods out there. Through Etsy, an online marketplace for independent crafters and designers to sell their goods, solopreneurs frequently run their craft businesses.

Pet grooming industry

You can Offer your skills as a pet groomer if you enjoy working with animals. Use a mobile grooming van for your business or go to clients' homes. By identifying potential clients among your connections and then growing by word of mouth, you can combine it with a pet-sitting business.


For the appropriate candidate, the design sector offers many possibilities. You can succeed in this field if you have a talent for producing beautiful work. You will perform even better if you are willing to learn some fundamental technical abilities.

Close-up of Woman Using LaptopThe general caliber of the work. A lot of people need site design. Many people are interested in design because of websites but there is still a huge demand in terms of mobile and graphic design also.


The online retail and e-commerce market is vast and expanding for scaling. This region is rich in information, assets, and community. Another excellent example of passive income is online shopping.

Photo of a Person Shopping OnlineNevertheless, at first, it takes a lot of experimenting, maintenance, and commitment. You can succeed if you target the correct market and offer a popular product. Additionally, you can sell goods through your own online shop. 

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