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Tapchat: Brings Back the Richness of Face-to-face Communication in a Virtual Office

Cubo writersOct 11, 2022

The influence of virtual communication is presented in every area of our life, and it has become a vital tool to keep people connected. But there is another side of the coin: the complexity of this communication.

Virtual communication can be confusing and produce undesired results if it is not transmitted by the right tools.

For example, talking with a colleague via sending back-and-forth emails can make you feel confused about what the other person actually means. You are unclear on his/her message, the task, and what is required from you. This way you keep expanding the confusion by responding to an unclear message. Using other platforms or even social media apps can make matters even worse.

New problems require new and instant solutions, that’s why we were inspired to create “Tapchat.”

Tapchat is a unique feature of our virtual office platform that takes back all the elements of in-person communication such as body language, tone of voice, and coherent talk.

In other words, Tapchat brings back the richness of face-to-face communication in a virtual office.

But how to use Tapchat?

Tapchat is easier than you think! You have to follow only 2 steps:

Select the person you want to have a Tapchat with

Cubo tool interface

Click the video icon on top of the person’s avatar and wait for  him/her to respond

Cubo tool interface

➳ Or just double-click on his/her avatar and instantly start a conversation with them.

Why use Tapchat?

1. Fast and coherent communication

What makes Tapchat stand out as a game-changer for remote teams are precisely these elements.

  • In less than 30 seconds, you can start a conversation with your colleagues.

  • Real-time coherence in contacting the other person, transmitting this way a clearer message.

  • Professionally appropriate to communicate with your superiors.

Lifesaver in urgent cases.

2. Dynamic collaborations

If you want to discuss and collaborate with a small group, tapchat them.

  • Tapchat allows up to 3 persons to make communication more effective.

  • It builds closer trust between team members.

  • Assists them in sharing and materializing their ideas.

Easy to expand and convert into a meeting.

3. Mutual transparency

Tapchat establishes transparency to your remote team by providing:

  • No place for misunderstandings due to the combination of video calls and text messages

  • Clarity and effective communication, similar to a traditional office.

  • Frequent updates on team framework.

Great for building good work relationships.

These three elements produce a domino effect that accelerates into other benefits such as:

  • Consistent boost in productivity.

  • An intelligent investment of time.

  • Mutual trust between team members and leaders.

  • Improvement of problem-solving abilities.

  • Progressive increase in work quality and quantity.