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The 5 most common types of online meetings

Obbaatt AngadiaDec 07, 2022

The purpose of this blog is to introduce you - the reader, to the most common types of online meetings and the benefits of virtual meetings while also highlighting the drawbacks. Virtual meetings have become an integral part of modern business life.

Virtual meetings have replaced in-person events for some companies, and they are often used as an addendum to an in-person meeting. Despite the usefulness that virtual meetings provide, there are some setbacks that should be taken into consideration before deciding on whether or not to use one.

Virtual conferences can be hosted by a large number of software providers and are easily accessible through services like Skype, Cubo, Zoom, WebEx, and Google Hangouts in order to make remote communication between participants easier.

Virtual conferences can also be used for many more things than just business purposes: they are becoming a popular method for getting together with family members who live far away from each other and for maintaining contact with retired friends and family members who may not have reliable Internet access anymore.

Virtual meetings can boost productivity by cutting down time and travel costs for both organizers and participants. One of the main benefits is that participants can work on their preparations for a meeting before it starts, which can save them valuable time when they are online with their colleagues. Virtual meetings allow you to conduct business with people who are in different locations. The most common types of virtual meetings are:

A face-to-face meeting with video conferencing and screen sharing

In this kind of online meeting, participants share their screens, use video conferences or speak face-to-face with a camera. It is a commonly used mode of communication by web and software developers.

A man having an online meetingIndividuals from other fields too can use them during presentations and interviews. It is a very effective online meeting strategy to take once in a while if you need a personal touch to the conversation you are about to have. 

Online tutorials 

This kind of online meeting allows teams to share their screens, do live demonstrations, and use web-based tutorials during meetings. It is one of the oldest and most popular forms of online meetings. It is evidently common with companies as it is an easy way for people from different parts of the world to interact virtually.

Online class or seminar

There is usually a presenter at the front of the room who shares his screen and provides live demos. Seminars are a form of public lecture or presentation. In the past, the term "seminar" was used to refer specifically to academic lectures. However, today, it typically refers to any short presentation on a specific topic.

Seminars are given in many different fields and disciplines as well as in business settings. Seminars help participants explore issues in depth and contribute new insights which can then be shared with others.

A seminar typically consists of an expert speaking about his or her chosen subject for anywhere from thirty minutes to six hours but usually for about one hour or less. The speakers will often have their seminar slides displayed on a screen that audience members can view as they give their talk.

Webinar or webcast

This consists of a presenter talking on a webcam while slides are shown in online presentation software. Other people can listen via phone by calling the call line. Webinars have become so popular and there is no doubt why they are well accepted - it requires planning, which means the organizers have enough time to prepare and have someone to stir the conversation. It is one of the highly accepted forms of online meetings by organizations all over the world. It is sent out way earlier so that participants can join the virtual meeting when it is time.  


Teleconferencing refers to a live audio or audiovisual meeting that can be held between two or more participants; it is a more sophisticated virtual meeting than a simple two-way phone or laptop conversation. It can support up to 100 participants and they use desktop computers, tablets, smartphones, and laptops to hold their online meetings.

virtual meeting with colleaguesVirtual meetings are very prevalent in today’s workplace, and for good reason. They offer a cost-effective way to share information and work together without having to be in the same physical space.

But how do you make a meeting effective? There are some things that you can do to optimize your meeting experience and ensure that it functions well. To get started, we suggest checking out this article on tips on what to do before the meeting, during the meeting, and after the meeting.

  • If you are looking for ways to have an effective virtual meeting, try to avoid these five common mistakes.

  • The first mistake is that participants come unprepared for the meeting and don’t know how to use the service or video conference room equipment. They end up wasting a lot of time trying to figure out how things work and then eventually calling in their IT people.

  • The second mistake is that participants are not aware of the comfort level of their fellow team members – whether they want to participate via video chat or by phone. This can lead to confusion for everyone and an uneven experience for everyone involved.

  • Thirdly, some teams opt for a single video conference service provider, which can be limiting as different software offers different features and capabilities depending on what you are looking for in terms of audio quality, integration with other platforms, and more.

  • Fourthly, there is low participation during meetings because few attendees dial in through traditional phone lines.

All in all, nothing can be achieved if you don’t prepare well in advance and follow these simple online meeting hacks. Be sure to read more and learn how best to run your meetings.

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