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The freelancer's guide to time management

Obbaatt AngadiaMar 07, 2023

Among the most vital things you can undertake as a freelancer is building a solid client base. A solid client base means additional work for you, as well as extra cash in your pocket.

In this guide, we will deliberate how to build a client base in addition to how to manage your time so that you can concentrate on sustaining your client base.

We will cover subjects like how to get novel customers, how to negotiate contracts, in addition how to keep your customers contented. By following these guidelines, you will be able to build an effective freelance job besides attaining your goals.

A freelancer working on his laptopSo read on and learn how to build a strong client base and manage your time wisely!

Time management for freelancers: The anatomy of a project

Time management for freelancers is essential to success. The goal is to build a client base, in addition, make a living undertaking what you love. The following tips will help you achieve that.

When you initially begin freelancing, you'll probably have lots of energy besides passion. This is a great beginning, nevertheless, you require vigilance to avoid over-committing yourself. You don't want to waste your time besides energy on projects that won't outcome in a paycheck.

Set a genuine goal for the number of hours you'll be working on every project. This will aid you to track your progress, in addition, ensure you're receiving the most out of your time.

How to build a client base: 5 steps to success

Building a client base is a vital part of being a freelance writer. It's not easy, nevertheless, it's certainly attainable if you put in the energy. In this guide, we'll offer the five critical steps you require to succeed as a freelance writer.

  • Find your niche

Start by finding your niche. This is the bread besides butter of being a freelance writer. If you cannot get a niche that benefits you and you're passionate about, then you'll struggle to create good work. It's important to find a niche that you can write about with enthusiasm.

Your portfolio is your showcase of work. It's significant to display all the diverse kinds of writing you can undertake.

An illustration of a freelancer workingIf you only have experience writing articles, then include some articles in your portfolio. If you're a good writer nevertheless you don't have any short stories or novels, put some short stories or novels in your portfolio.

  • Get published

Publishing is key. This is where you display your work to the globe. If you're a great writer, then you'll be published. Nevertheless, if you're an awful writer, then you won't be published even if you have a great portfolio.

  • Get followers

Following other writers is a great way to learn from them and to get some great ideas. If you're a good writer, then you'll be following other good writers. If you're a poor writer, then you'll be following other poor writers.

  • Market yourself

Marketing is vital if you desire to be a fruitful freelance writer. You require to make a website, and blog, besides social media presence. You similarly require to undertake some advertising.

How to stay organized while working on multiple projects: A guide to project management systems

When you're a freelancer, time is your most valuable asset. With numerous projects competing for your time, it's vital to have a system in position to aid you to stay organized besides on track.

There exist numerous project management systems obtainable, nevertheless the most common besides broadly utilized systems is agile software development methodology.

Agile denotes a methodology that aids you to manage projects by separating them into small, attainable goals that are accomplished within a short period. This aids to guarantee that projects are finished on time in addition within budget.

How to handle clients who don't meet your expectations: Handling difficult clients

There's no hesitation that partaking in a great customer base is vital for any freelancer. Nevertheless, it's too significant to be in a position of handling problematic customers.

When you initially begin, it can be truly hard to decline work. You may feel like you're not being fair or that a client is a great person. Nevertheless, you require to recall that you're not the only one who has to work. You too have to ensure that you're taking care of your personal business.

An organized office space for a freelancerIf a client isn't meeting your expectations, be direct and honest. Don't sugarcoat it or try to make them feel bad. Let them recognize precisely what you're looking for in addition to what you anticipate from them. If they can't meet these prospects, be frank about that too in addition move on.

Tips for avoiding burnout: Tips for managing your time and energy

Managing your time is among the most significant influences in building an effective freelance business. If you're continually feeling overcome besides worried, it'll be tough to concentrate on your job besides building a client base.

Here are some guidelines to aid you to manage your time besides energy so you can prosper as a freelancer:

  • Set realistic goals.

Don't attempt to take on numerous projects at a time. On the contrary, concentrate on a few high-priority projects that will have a major effect.

  • Keep a diary.

This will aid you to track your progress besides seeing where you can expand.

  • Make time for yourself.

Devote time every day to relax, and exercise, besides spending time with your friends as well as family.

  • Take care of your health.

Eat nutritiously and get enough sleep. This will aid you to concentrate besides being fruitful.

  • Stay organized.

Keep your files and folders neatly arranged, and use a system to track your time. This will aid you to stay on track, in addition, keep tabs on your expenditures.

How to manage projects when you don't have a lot of time: Tips for fast projects

There's no disagreeing that freelancing can be a great deal of work. Nevertheless, if you're able to stick to a few time-saving approaches, you'll be able to build a solid client base and manage your projects proficiently.

An illustration of a focused freelance woman workingHere are three tips to aid you to manage your time when you don't have a lot of it:

  • Set realistic expectations for each project.

Don't take on any project that you can't realistically complete in the time allocated. This will aid you to stay focused besides averting you from taking on numerous projects at a time.

  • Take breaks.

If you're feeling overwhelmed by a project, take a break. Step away from the computer, take a walk, or perform something different that will aid you clear your head. When you come back to the project, you'll be more engrossed besides able to handle it with improved outcomes.

  • Use project management software.

This will aid you to keep track of each of your project particulars, and deadlines, in addition to progress. You can use tools like Trello, Cubo and slack.

How to stay motivated and productive: Tips for staying on track

As a freelancer, it can be hard to stay on track besides being inspired. You may be working on a project that you're not truly loving, or you may be working on a project that's taking lots of your time but nevertheless doesn't truly appear to be making the outcomes you're hopeful for.

There are a few undertakings you can perform to aid you to stay on track besides being inspired thus yielding results.

  • Set realistic goals.

When setting goals, ensure t you're setting goals that you can sensibly attain. If you're hoping to finish a project within a week, ensure you're not setting yourself up for disappointment by targeting too high of a goal.

  • Detach yourself from the project.

When working on a project, it can be easy to get engrossed in the particulars while forgetting about other features of your life. Ensure to take some time daily to disconnect yourself from the project in addition to the emphasis on other things.

  • Take a break.

If you're not loving the project you're working on, it's possibly the reason that you're not taking appropriate breaks.

An illustrations of a freelance writer workingMake sure to take at least one hour each day to have some downtime. This will help you to come back to the project refreshed and with a new perspective.

Wrap-up: How to stay organized and on top of your projects

Time management is an important part of being a fruitful freelancer. This is because you need to be able to manage your personal time, in addition, you need to be able to manage the time of your customers.

Here are a few guidelines to aid you.

  • Set realistic deadlines. Don't promise more than you can deliver.

  • Prioritize your projects. Don't take on numerous projects at a time.

  • Organize your projects. Use folders and labels to keep your projects organized.

  • Take breaks. If feeling overwhelmed, take a break. Return to your project later with fresh eyes.

  • Stay positive. Don't let negative thoughts about your project drag you down.

  • Stay positive. Don't let negative thoughts about your project drag you down.

  • Take care of yourself. Eat healthy, get enough sleep and exercise. These things will help you stay positive and motivated.

  • Set reminders. Be sure to set reminders for a particular amount of time to enable you to work within desired timelines. Through this, your projects` delivery will be top-notch.


As a freelancer, it's significant to be able to manage your time well so as to build a solid customer base.

Thanks for reading, we hope that you find the information in this post helpful.