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Tips on how to send a reminder email for an online meeting

Cubo writersJan 05, 2023

Are you looking for tips on how to make sure that everyone is reminded of an upcoming online meeting? Sending out a reminder email is an effective way to make sure that everyone is aware of the meeting and arrives on time.

In this blog post, we will provide some helpful advice on how to craft the perfect reminder email for an online meeting. We will cover topics such as when to send it, what information to include, and how to keep it simple and professional. Read on to learn more!

Create a catchy subject line

Create a catchy subject line. The subject of the email should include the date and time of the meeting, as well as any pertinent information. Be sure to have all necessary details in place before sending it out, such as names and emails. When drafting your message, remember that concise, helpful content is best.

Keep your message simple with just one or two sentences at most. Don't forget about important steps you want people to take after they've read your message. This is a great way to get the point across without confusing them or cluttering up their inbox.

Finally, keep these tips in mind when composing your subject line: Make it catchy! Include pertinent information like the date and time of the meeting. All necessary contact information must be included as well. Limit yourself to one sentence or less, don’t forget to give actionable instructions, and always proofread!

Keep the body of the email short and sweet

Keep the body of the email short and sweet. For example, say Please join us tomorrow at 9:00 am PST. Not Please come and have fun with us tomorrow at 9:00 am PST. The shorter you are in your body, the more likely they will attend.

Blue and White Google Chrome LogoA call-to-action such as Looking forward to seeing you then! or something similar is always helpful. This can help the recipient feel good about their decision to attend and can also be used as a transition into talking about the topic that will be discussed during the meeting.

The following may also be included in this email:

-Emphasize how important it is that attendees RSVP no later than noon today if they plan on attending

-Indicate what time zone meetings will take place -Provide instructions for those who need assistance connecting

-Explain what topics will be covered during the meeting (for example, high-level overviews)

Use strong action verbs

Using strong action verbs such as remind and ask, in the subject line, will get your recipients' attention. Strong verbs make it clear that you're asking them to do something. For example: Please remember our online meeting on Thursday or Don't forget about our meeting this week! This is especially important if your recipient has lots of other emails coming in at the same time.

You want to stand out so they'll open it right away. It is also important to give your recipient enough information about the meeting - what time it is, where it's happening, and who else will be attending. Remember that people have different methods of accessing their email.

If you only use text messages, then you might need more detail than someone who receives emails on their desktop computer with a large screen. If possible, include both text and images when sending reminders via email so recipients can see what the online event looks like while they read your message.

Include all the pertinent information

Include the date, time, location, and purpose of the meeting. You can also include pertinent information like the speaker's name or presentation title. Send the reminder 24 hours before the meeting starts time. It’s also important that you include what should happen if attendees are unable to attend (e.g., presenters should be prepared).

This is so people can plan accordingly, but still have ample time to attend! In addition, it will allow you more time to work out any kinks in the system. You should be sure that your tech setup is fully ready for this meeting too! If you have any questions about the technology we are happy to help!

It's important that you make sure all participants are aware of the agenda before they get started! And make sure to address any concerns they might have. One way to do this would be by holding a pre-meeting one day ahead of time so they can talk with their colleagues or friends beforehand. A post-meeting review could also be helpful, especially if there were some difficulties during the meeting - did anyone feel unheard?

Did someone not get their points across as well as they would have liked? If something went wrong during the meeting itself, like technical difficulties, don't forget to thank everyone for sticking with it! Lastly, make sure no one leaves feeling excluded from the decision-making process. After all, it's not just about sending an email now, is it?

Send it out with plenty of time to spare

Spend time thinking about what you want to say, and what you want your recipients to do. You don’t need to be too wordy or long-winded, just make sure you are clear and concise. It is important that recipients know exactly what they need to do in order to participate in the meeting. Make it personal by including the date and time of the meeting, as well as any instructions like how much time is left before the event begins.

Be clear with your instructions - give them a heads up about anything that may affect their participation (eg: the microphone isn’t working) or allow them an alternate way of participating in case something happens (eg: Skype). Don’t forget your signature! And remember, make sure all this information is in one place so it’s easy for people to read it.


In conclusion, this post has provided you with tips on how to create and send a reminder email for your online meeting. To recap, the first step is that you need to enter all of the members who will be participating in the upcoming event. Secondly, set the time and date when it will take place.

Thirdly, type out the body of your message which should include what you want them to do or say at the upcoming event. Fourthly, save this message as well as setting up a list of reminders that can automatically be sent out every day before the event date in order to help your participants prepare and stay organized. Lastly, pick which day you would like it sent and set up how often they should be reminded before it takes place so they are not late!