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8 Top Tips For Holding a Successful Online Meeting

Obbaatt AngadiaDec 07, 2022

The world is developing, things are changing, and the virtual office system is included. Virtual office system has become more popular due to the high demand for flexible working conditions as young people are also considering companies that have considered the change.

Many people are now creating an online office to work in the comfort of their homes. But first, let's discuss the meaning of a virtual meeting. A virtual meeting is any meeting that allows individuals to participate and attend through communication facilities.

Virtual meetings have many benefits, including saving money since you are not buying lunch for the team, saving time since no one is traveling across the country or towns and allowing employees to work in the comfort of their homes. 

The changes are exciting as most people adopt them, but it is important to consider tips and ways you and your team can acquire more information from this virtual meeting. 

  • Team preparation

Preparing your team and making sure that they are equipped fully before the virtual meeting is a good tip to ensure that you have a successful meeting. It is important to choose a virtual office application that everyone is comfortable with and can use without any problems.

To make sure everything works as you opt for, you can organize a group call to ensure everyone is on the same page before the intended meeting. You can also use emails to send instructions to members.

You should also ensure that all the members have effective virtual office tools such as working laptops, good internet, and microphone and are ready for the meeting. You can encourage members in a noisy background to try and use noise suppression tools to ensure the full success of the meeting. Early preparation goes a long way to success. 

  • Identify the ideal software platform

The first step to having a successful online meeting is to identify a good online tool that will work well for you and your team.

To choose the perfect tool, you need to understand the nature of your business as well as the purpose of the meeting. Some of the best virtual office tools include slack, Microsoft teams, zoom, GoToMeeting, and Google Hangouts. There are so many options you can choose to ensure that your virtual meetings are successful. 

  • Creating clear agenda

Creating a solid and clear agenda gives your meeting structure, hence avoiding disorganization and unnecessary conversation. Come up with a plan of what should be tackled during the virtual meeting and stick to it.

Make sure all the topics are given enough time to be discussed. Also, you can share the agenda with your attendees before the meeting so they can be ready and aware of what is expected from them. It also helps with early preparation hence avoiding time wastage.

  • Early communication

Communication is a vital tool for a successful meeting. It is important to communicate the purpose of the meeting with your attendees for early preparation.

Prepare an invitation calendar and share it with the attendees, so everyone knows when and where the meeting will occur. Scheduling can be done using tools like outlook. If the meeting involves overseas clients and employees, you must consider the time zone for effectiveness. 

  • Have clear expectations

Every meeting should have an expectation, and that includes virtual meetings. Sharing general expectations and etiquette with your attendance is ideal because it gives everyone a chance to be on the same page.

Some of the expectations you can set include switching on videos, so everyone can see each other, silent phones, reading the agenda early, muting microphones, a quiet environment, and a chance for everyone to contribute and give full attention during the meeting. Clearing these facts lets your team know what you expect from them. 

  • Assign responsibilities

Doing everything alone might lead to some disorganization during the meeting; therefore, it is important to seek help by assigning different roles and responsibilities to the attendees for a smooth meeting flow.

Some roles you can assign include choosing someone to chair the meeting to ensure it stays productive and relevant, note-taking, and being a timekeeper. These responsibilities should be communicated to specific attendees so they can be aware of them and prepare before the meeting. 

  • Interact and engage

Conducting a casual chit-chat before the meeting is a good idea to ensure the virtual meeting is successful. Engaging your attendees in such conversations creates a friendly environment and can make a meeting a great start. Socializing with the team is possible whether you are a new team or even if you have known each other forever.

You can do this in several ways to know how everyone is doing. Also, engage your attendees to seek their opinions on the topics discussed. This will give everyone a chance to contribute, hence feeling valued, especially those who lack the confidence to speak up. Engagement is a vital key to successful and productive virtual meetings. 

  • Follow up

Meetings can be full of ideas, but the only way to make sure they are applied is through follow-up with a summary. The summary could include the content discussed at the meeting, actions that should be taken, deadlines, and the responsibilities of attendees. Such information can be packaged through an email and shared with all members to ensure they remember all the ideas and key discussions. 


Virtual meetings might be challenging due to delayed communication and disrupted internet connectivity. However, with preparation and early communication, it can be the most effective platform to connect with all your stakeholders and employees. Virtual meetings do not only save employees time but also save the organization money. Follow these 8 tips and prepare for an enjoyable, successful, and productive meeting.