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Virtual meeting rooms: How to set up and host a virtual meeting

Cubo writersOct 11, 2022

Collaboration and how people work have changed not only in recent decades. COVID-19 put even more emphasis on the creation of high-quality virtual meetings. More companies conduct business remotely through virtual meeting rooms than ever before.

The trend of virtual meetings will continue to grow as the software becomes more sophisticated.

Virtual meeting spaces are a cost-effective way for teams to collaborate, share presentations and virtually meet face-to-face. These meetings can also occur regardless of your location.

Cubo has developed an easy-to-set-up virtual office where you can share a virtual space. You can set up a virtual meeting in seconds where attendees can accept the invite, turn on their webcam and enjoy an interactive environment.

Virtual meeting spaces need to be flexible in developing remote workspaces. Businesses sometimes need an impromptu virtual meeting room. Where time is money, creating a place where everyone can meet and see each other is vital.

Virtual meetings should also be scheduled effortlessly for regular, recurring video meetings. However, before we go too far into the topic, let's discuss how to set up and host a virtual meeting.

What Is a virtual office meeting?

Virtual meeting among colleaguesA virtual office meeting (VOM) is a term used to define a shared area that permits online collaboration. A cloud service hosts these virtual locations. A virtual meeting office is an online meeting room where multiple participants from different spaces unite through a video conference call.

These rooms facilitate an organizer to host a real-time, virtual meeting where people can see each other. The remote attendees only need a webcam and a browser connected to their computers.

When do you need virtual meeting rooms?

Whether conducting a company-wide meeting, assembling new clients, or merely linking with remote coworkers, travel and time expenses can be significantly wasted in a real-world experience.

Virtual meeting spaces eliminate the expenses associated with traditional in-person meetings. While still providing participants with all the advantages of joining and cooperating in a cloud video conferencing system.

Remote work meetings

Companies are no longer limited to a geographic talent pool in their immediate vicinities. Thanks to video partnership tools like virtual meeting rooms, businesses can recruit worldwide leading talent. These virtual interviews are immersing and constructive group meetings regardless of the employee's location.  

Company-wide meetings

Building organizational alignment is one of the most demanding problems for international corporations with numerous satellite offices of remote associates. Whether hosting a virtual webinar or presentation, you can unite the attendees through video conference. These office meetings can occur as a whole team activity or a worldwide corporate event. A virtual conference room is an influential mode to conduct a secure, all-hands-on-deck meeting to connect the entire company and ensure everyone is working on the same shared goals.

Meetings with long-distance clients

Face-to-face interaction with clients is essential for honoring joint successes, preserving a healthy relationship, and being responsive to your team's demands.

Virtual coworkersFortunately, a virtual office meeting makes it feasible to regularly unite with your long-distance clients and join a quick, impromptu working session.

How to set up a virtual meeting room?

Cubo has developed an intuitive virtual meeting room. It is easy to set up and use. Follow these five simple steps to begin, and you will collaborate with participants in a VOM in no time.

  1. Open the Cubo App

  2. Click on the Meetings tab and personalize the meeting.

  3. Type the meeting's name, description, location, and optional password.

  4. Click Save

  5. Invite participants to the meeting

Invites to the meeting can generate an email, a calendar invite, or copy the meeting details to your clipboard. Later you can paste them into any communication tool via your smartphone or computer.

One-time VOM rooms vs. PVM rooms

One-time virtual office meeting rooms

One-time meetings are single-use, private spaces hidden from your complete Cubo directory. These virtual spaces are perfect for quick ad hoc video calls. You can also quickly develop an office space where security is an emphasis. One-time video calls are fantastic for interviews, sales demonstrations, or meetings where you must cover sensitive material in a virtual environment.

Permanent virtual meeting rooms

Create a permanent virtual meeting room and consistently have a trustworthy place to meet. They are excellent for recurring meetings because the components never change. The permanent VMRs are searchable and straightforward to join without looking through your email for the link you accidentally deleted.

Benefits of using a virtual office meeting

Increased productivity

VOMs provide intuitive collaboration tools that enable a better collaborative workflow. Thus the virtual space is enhanced through a boost in productivity. Content sharing provides joint resolutions such as screen sharing and recording online meetings. Therefore the software allows others not in the forum to attend later.

Worldwide flexibility

It is not always feasible to observe every session you receive an invite. The practicality of meeting attendance is especially true if you are not physically close to the meeting location. VOMs permit you to assemble with anyone at any time, regardless of place. If you can not enter the video conference, you can utilize audio for an on-the-go meeting experience.

Time savings

Virtual office meetings are also the fastest and most efficient manner to bring everyone together for regular engagements. These encounters can save time for urgent, rapid decision-making without lingering for each person to journey to a physical meeting chamber. It assumes only seconds of time to enter a virtual conference room with one link click of the invite.

Cost-efficient HD video

Traveling to each meeting in person can add up to the price of flights, car rentals, hotel accommodations, and food expenses. Virtual meeting rooms allow you to enter joint meetings with numerous face-to-face meeting players without the expensive travel.

What equipment do you need to start a virtual office meeting?

One of the exceptional items about arranging a VOM through Cubo is very manageable. Simply start your computer with a built-in webcam. Parties can connect through the meeting link and enter through a web browser. No unique software or apps are necessary for visual communication.


Connect from your phone, tablet, PC, or Mac.


A webcam built into your mobile device or computer is ideal.

Optional video conferencing system

Join a virtual meeting from a conference or huddle room with a Cubo video conferencing system.

Virtual meetings for customer support

Arranging a secure virtual meeting room with clients is an easy way to connect with customers face-to-face and answer questions in real time. Tapchat allows you to work from home as a call center agent. You can initiate video-based conversations from any support channel, such as your phone, computer, or laptop. Therefore you can communicate through email, chat, SMS, or social media.

Get started with Cubo virtual office meetings

Improved communication tools like VOMs allow participants to coordinate plans. Online office meetings are more productive, and decisions are made faster with conference call services. It has never been easier to quickly sync over video or use recurring virtual office meetings for larger project status update meetings. Signing up for your free account will allow you to easily connect with up to 10 participants on a fully encrypted high-quality call.


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