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Zoom or Google Meet? Comparing the pros and cons of the top free video conferencing tools

Obbaatt AngadiaJan 23, 2023

Face-to-face interactions are steadily fading from our lives. Nowadays, we frequently rely on technology to communicate with the people we know and do business with.

Video conferencing is a fantastic way to stay in touch, whether it's for work or just to catch up with family. What is the greatest video conferencing tool, though? In this article, we'll contrast Zoom and Google Meet, the top two free video conferencing programs.

We'll weigh the advantages and disadvantages of each to determine which is best for you.

Read on to learn which tool is perfect for you whether you're searching for a straightforward video conferencing solution or something more intricate!

What is Zoom?

Zoom is a video conferencing tool that allows users to connect with others in real-time. It offers a variety of features such as group video calling, video chat, and audio chat. Zoom is available as a free download on both the App Store and Google Play.
Hand phone zoom meetingThe ease with which Zoom may be used, the fact that it is free, and the variety of functions it provides are just a few of its benefits. Both IOS and Android devices can access Zoom.

It can be challenging to use Zoom, especially on a large scale since the platform is still new. Furthermore, there aren't many customizing choices available with Zoom, and file sharing might be challenging.

What is Google Meet?

Google Meet is a video conferencing application that is offered as a part of Google's suite of products. Google Meet allows users to video chat with others who are also using Google Meet, making it a great tool for group meetings and collaborating.


  • Easy to use

  • High-quality video

  • Can be used on a variety of devices


  • Can be expensive

  • Not as widely available as Zoom or FaceTime

For group video conversations, Google Meet is a fantastic application that works well across a range of platforms. It might not be accessible in all nations, and it can be pricey.

What are the pros and cons of Zoom and Google Meet?

The two most used tools for video conferencing are Zoom and Google Meet. Which is the best then? Are they actually free, too? We'll see. Zoom is a desktop video conferencing program with several features, including screen sharing, voice and video chatting, and online meeting tools.

There are free and premium versions available, with the paid version having access to more services including file sharing and in-app phone calling.
Businesses frequently use Google Meet, a web-based video conferencing platform. A variety of capabilities are available, including screen sharing, whiteboard assistance, video and voice chat, and meeting scheduling.

There is a free and premium version available, and the subscription version has more capabilities like the capacity to join video conferences from various devices and the ability to have video chats with up to 10 people.
A man on a virtual callBoth Zoom and Google Meet are free to use and provide a number of features that are beneficial for businesses. Zoom, on the other hand, has a premium edition with extra functions and is more feature-rich overall. Google Meet is simpler to use and doesn't require registration, making it more convenient for businesses to use.

Which is better, Zoom or Google Meet?

Zoom and Google Meet are two of the most widely used products for video conferencing. Which is superior, Google Meet or Zoom? Zoom is a video conferencing tool that enables users to communicate with clients, partners, and other employees in real-time. It is accessible on desktop and mobile devices and offers a free and paid version.

For up to 10 users, Google Meet offers free video conferencing with a variety of capabilities like video recording and sharing, group chat, and file sharing. Both desktop and mobile devices can access it. Before choosing a video conferencing service, it's crucial to think about your needs because Zoom and Google Meet each offer advantages and disadvantages.

While Google Meet is excellent for larger firms that need to communicate with many people simultaneously, Zoom is great for small businesses that need to connect with a few individuals at a time. Zoom is more expensive than Google Meet, but it has a wider range of devices that it is available on. Ultimately, it is important to decide which video conferencing service is best for your needs before signing up.

Final verdict: Zoom or Google Meet?

The two most often used solutions for video conferencing are Zoom and Google Meet. It can be challenging to pick between the two tools because each one has a unique combination of advantages and disadvantages. We will contrast the two in this essay and present our findings.


-Very user-friendly
-Has a wide range of features
-Some users have reported problems with video quality
-Can be difficult to use for first-time users

Google Meet

-Very user-friendly
-Very low cost
-Some users have reported problems with video quality
-Can be difficult to use for first-time users

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It's difficult to find a moment or location in the modern world where you can't video conference with someone. Although video conferencing is quite convenient, there are several excellent solutions available that can enhance the experience even further.

Zoom, Cubo, and Google Meet are both excellent choices, according to our comparison of the best free video conferencing software.

Both offer advantages and disadvantages, but ultimately it depends on what you need from a video-conferencing application.

Which one fits you best?